GreenScreen Plant Sex ID Kit

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What is the Plant Sex ID Kit?

The GreenScreen Plant Sex ID Kit is a plant sex identification kit that enables growers to identify the sex of their baby plants after only 2 weeks from germination!


  • No Males Allowed! Kick-start your crop by eliminating males early!
  • Avoid high plant numbers and valueless male plants.
  • Maintain an efficient crop by reducing unnecessary labour, energy costs and crop square footage.
  • Want to maximize your grow space? Yes, please.

Who can use it?

  • Small home grows
  • Commercial Producers
  • Recreational & Medical
  • Breeders

Download the kit's PDF instructions.

Note: Each Kit contains everything you need to send us your imprints for up to 10 plants. To access test results, a testing fee of $19.99 per plant applies.

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What's Included

Each kit includes:

Qty Item Description
1 Kit Folder Conveniently holds the components of your kit.
10 Plant Tags Used to identify and track your plants.
10 Filter Paper Samples Used to take plant imprints of each plant.
1 Return Envelope Used to mail your plant imprints to our lab.
1 Instruction Sheet Easy to follow instructions included in every kit.
1 Grower Notes Booklet Optional area to track plant characteristics.

How It Works

Using the Sex ID Kit is easy! You'll have your test results in no time - learn the simple 5 step process, or watch our 2 minute demo video.


Get your Kit.

Purchase the GreenScreen Plant Sex ID Kit from our website, or any participating retailer. We can ship our Plant Sex ID Kit to any Country, world-wide.


Use your Kit.

2 weeks after germination of the seeds, follow the easy instructions included in the kit to take the plant imprints.


Register your Kit.

Before mailing the plant imprints to us, register your kit's Lot ID number, select the plants you want tested, and pay for the tests. Each test is $19.99. You have the option to pay for 1 or up to 10 plant tests in a given kit.


Mail your Kit.

Mail the plant imprints back to our lab. You can safely mail the imprints from any country in the world. Expedited shipping is the suggested method of postage. If using regular mail, ensure a return address is on the envelope.


Get your Results.

Input your unique 9 digit Plant ID number to get your test results. Your test results will be available within 3 days of us receiving your imprints.

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